Bulwara Rd Ultimo


This large complex need to secure their 9 entry points with Access Control and Intercom for 98 units.

Quatrix installed 9 Audio Intercom Entry Panels and 10 access control reader panels to ensure residents had full access whilst the building could be locked and made fully secure.

A high level co-ordination project that went really well with regular communications across the EC, Strata and Quatrix Project team.


The team at Quatrix provided us with a competitive quote, followed by prompt and professional service.

We felt fully supported during the whole project. The installation team kept us updated as to their progress over the 3 days period during which our 11 CCTV cameras were being installed followed by easy to understand training once installation was completed.

We highly recommend Quatrix for their competitiveness in price, prompt, professional, friendly and flexible service.

Wentworth Street, Greenacre, Sydney

Bulwara Rd, Ultimo
  • Intercom
  • Access Control
  • Carpark Security Fob Access
  • Pedestrian Security Fob Access
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