Residents and visitors rely on these systems for access to the building and to help manage activity in the common areas when no one is around. A failure in these systems can cause significant inconvenience to residents, such as being locked out of a building, vandalism & untraceable thefts.

    A security maintenance plan is a series of regular checks and adjustments for your building’s security systems, to reduce the risk of failure. Maintenance plans reduce equipment downtime, increase reliability, enhance safety and optimise your building’s budget. It’s common sense to take out building insurance, so why wouldn’t you maintain your Security system?



    Reduce the chance of emergency call outs relating to your security systems.

    A well-maintained system is less likely to have major failures, and help reduce the unnecessary stress and spending associated with unplanned breakdowns.

    Increase equipment lifespan and efficiency.

    Your building relies on its security systems being fully functional. Performing routine upkeep on systems allows technicians to repair small issues before they cause major breakdowns. Therefore allowing the systems to run efficiently, saving the building money and giving residents peace of mind.


    What's included in a Maintenance Plan?

    • Physical inspection of cameras and lens cleaning. Spiders love warm 
    • Camera realignment and refocusing.
    • Recording device (NVR) checks such as system alarms, camera record time, and hard drive errors.
    • Update firmware. This improves the functionality and features of your 
      systems, it can also provide fixes to any performance issues that may have been identified by manufacturers.
    • Checking that cameras are recording well at various times of day and in 
      differing lighting conditions.
    • System Reports and Annual Plan